Offering personalised flowers for every occasion, my flowers are unique and sometimes wild, but always beautiful and always styled with love.

Rachel JenkinsMy story starts back at a very young age, where I have always loved getting my hands ‘dirty’, being creative and going that extra mile to ensure someone was happy.

Having grown up around my grandfather who is very passionate about gardening, and would regularly encourage us to create pots for our parents on a Sunday afternoon, it never occurred to me that my calling in life was to become a florist.

flowersMy journey began when I was working in, what could be, at times, a very stressful job. I started a florist course at a local college, and found that producing beautiful flower arrangements was therapeutic, fun and exciting.

Following the course, my grandfather passed away and I had the pleasure of making flower arrangements for his funeral. On this day I realised how much flowers can mean to one person and how they are able to change that person’s thoughts and feelings, even if just for a second.

My floral career continued and before I knew it I was on my way to an extensive course in Bath, at The Tallulah Rose Flower School. The course required us to give our future business a name, brand, logo and identity.

It took quite a few weeks for me to come up with my business name, and having a little niece that means as much to me as Ruby does, I knew I wanted my business to be based around her. However, I found it difficult, until one afternoon whilst at Tallulah Rose, it came to me.

When Ruby first started nursery, she sang a song, she did not know all the words, but all I knew was that it was about a Daffodil, and this Daffodil danced.


Really Made My Vision Become A Reality

Don’t know where to start! Rachel and the team are incredible at what they do, and not only helped me with my wedding flowers, but the whole wedding from invites through to completion. Their ideas and creative approach left people complementing the flowers long after the wedding - the team overcame complexities like fixing an arch to the church with no screws or nails, and really made my vision become a reality. They are so easy to work with, adaptable, approachable and friendly and were so patient with my laid back approach! Other than wedding flowers, I have used the florist for bouquets and wreath making and have been delighted with each and every creation. You will definitely not get this personal experience from any other florist in South Wales - can’t recommend enough.

Goes Above & Beyond

Rachel (Dancing Daffodils) is the kindest person we have ever met and we are so happy we came to find out about her florist business through recommendation. Rachel honestly goes above and beyond for you and makes you feel at complete ease. Her Facebook page alone portrays how amazing and hard working she really is. The work she put into making our wedding dreams come true is beyond us and there are no words other than perfect to suit. We highly recommend any bride to be to check out her out you will not be disappointed in this truly outstanding woman! Thank you so much for everything.

Wonderfully Artistic Florist

Rachel at The Dancing Daffodil is a wonderfully artistic Florist, who not only listens to you and your ideas to give you the best display of flowers, but she also goes way above and beyond the call of duty to reduce the stress of wedding planning for you. She doesn't just become your florist, she becomes a friend. We actually met Rachel after our original florist cancelled relatively last minute. I don't think I could be any more grateful that had actually happened. She was amazing right from the beginning. She even helped make sure the wedding decor was just how I wanted it because I couldn't do that myself the day of the wedding. We will be eternally grateful for your smiley, friendly service. No photos yet but they will soon follow to show the incredible talents of this wonderful human.