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A bit of a different blog post from us this time; our entries are usually aimed at customers, but this month we are targeting our fellow flower fairies. Hiiiiiii tribe!!!

Can you believe that Mother’s Day is almost here already?! Although without a doubt the busiest day in the floral calendar, it creeps up on me every year without fail! It’s like we’re just coming out of the post-valentines-day-fatigue-fog and BAM, here’s another huge day to charge into!

So, almost 10 years into the crazy world of flowers, I’ve pulled together TDD guide to surviving (and girl-bossing!) Mother’s Day.

Whether you’re new to the beautiful world of blooms, or a well-established bloom biz, I’m sure you will find some helpful hints and tips here…

Keep It Simple!

Firstly, and probably most importantly, keep it simple! As tempting as it is to offer a wide range of products at a variety of price points, ultimately more variety opens up more room for error.

Offer a maximum of 3 products, this will allow you to keep your order margins tight and maximise time for preparation.

Apply the same thinking and principles to your ordering processes – be strict and take orders via one platform only. Whether it’s via a website, telephone, or social media, just stick to the one. Again, the more options you have, the more errors you will likely have…every florist knows (and wants to avoid) that dreaded missed order feeling!!

image of bride and groom with mother of the bride, flowers by The Dancing Daffodil

Preparation Is Key

Get prep, prep, prepped!

Do WHATEVER you can do in advance to prepare; from the obvious making up boxes/packaging in the weeks leading up to Mother’s Day weekend to preparing or ordering lunch for you and your staff. Food fuel is essential, and boosts morale every time!

Ensure your workshop is fully stocked with all the essentials such as twine and spare snips, and label items if you have freelancers/casual staff. If you can fit in an induction or walk through the workshop beforehand for them then even better!

image of bride and groom with mother of the bride, flowers by The Dancing Daffodil


The dreaded deliveries. The number one rule here – encourage customers to collect, but in reality, we all know that most people want deliveries.

Another important part of the prep is your delivery schedule. Save time and fuel costs by ensuring the route is geographically savvy, and get them on the road as early as you can; this will clear space in the workshop, keep your customers happy and reduce the number of panicked queries you receive – win, win, win!

If you can spare a staff member to accompany the driver then you’ll save even more time.

My last tip for deliveries is to never promise or commit to delivery time; strive to get everything done, dusted and delivered before midday, but don’t actually say it out loud as you never know what may happen on the day!

image of bride and bridesmaid with mother of the bride, flowers by The Dancing Daffodil

Stick With The Season

The final point in TDD Mother’s Day survival guide is to stick with the season. Spring blooms are oh-so-beautiful, and Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show off all the gorgeous blooms of the season.

Seasonal stock will of course be easier to source and will always have a longer lasting shelf life – cash in on this! Mother’s Day may open up a new customer base for your biz, with people who wouldn’t usually order or receive from you, so show them the best you’ve got to get that return sale!

Sending love, strength and creative vibes to all you wonderful, hardworking flower fairies. The countdown to the busiest weekend of the year is officially ON!!

Love, Rach xx

P.S. Don’t forget the hand cream!

image of bride and groom with mother of the bride, flowers by The Dancing Daffodil