Send love this Valentine's Day - 300 Red Roses in a heart shaped bouquet

Valentine’s Day – the celebration that divides the masses.

Are you camp luurrrrve or camp commercialised nonsense? Obviously here at TDD we love the day of love; a pit stop in the depths of winter with a tonne of gorgeous blooms – surely that MUST be celebrated?!

So, what’s the obsession with red roses?

Soon enough, every shop, website and supermarket will be adorned with love hearts and teddy bears holding red roses, but why that particular flower?

Throughout history, the red rose has stood for passion, love, and romance. It’s probably one of the most recognisable symbols in the world and is almost synonymous with Valentine’s Day. But why? Why is this particular flower so universally associated with love?

Ancient Greek

In Ancient Greece, red roses were often associated with Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, beauty, and sexuality. According to mythology, Aphrodite’s beauty was so great that roses sprang up wherever she walked (Encanto vibes!!).

As a result, red roses became a symbol of love and desire and were often used in romantic gestures and rituals. In Ancient Rome, red roses were used as a symbol of power and authority – they were often used in official ceremonies and given as gifts to honour or show respect to important figures.

It was in Ancient Rome that St. Valentine’s Day originated, as a celebration of the Roman god of fertility, Cupid. It was believed that Cupid had the power to bring love and happiness to people’s lives.

Gorgeous Bouquets

You might have guessed that red roses aren’t usually at the top of our order list, that is unless they are coupled with clashing pinks. However, Valentine’s Day is definitely an exception. We strive to create gorgeous bouquets encompassing the flowers of love but with our unique TDD style – wild but beautiful.

We recently ran an Instagram poll with some surprising results; a Brexit-esque conclusion on whether people love or hate Valentine’s day, with 51% loving it and 49% loathing!

84% of participants would love to receive flowers this Valentine’s Day (yay!!), and 96% of participants would love to receive flowers ‘just because’. So, even if V-Day isn’t for you, remember that flowers are loved all year round!

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Love, Rach xx